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zero commissions

We are software developers and do not expect revenue share in your business, after all, it is your business

self-hosted (php/mysql)

Maintain full control of your guest data and historical records with unconditional access to your database

unlimited everything

Enjoy unlimited rooms, unlimited guests, unlimited bookings, without concern of additional costs

wordpress compatible

Embed the booking engine in any WordPress page on your website with a small snippet of JavaScript code

choose the perfect option

Purchase MOHOBOOK as a stand-alone application for your existing website, or consider one of our optional packages if you require a modern web presence, or you want to quickly replace a dated website


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Frequently asked questions

MOHOBOOK is licensed on a *per website* basis. When you place your order, you are asked for the domain name of your website. When we receive your order, a special version of MOHOBOOK is created with an association to this domain, and only this domain. To be more specific, if you supply us with example.com, MOHOBOOK will run on example.com and www.example.com, but not on demo.com. By having such a security measure in place, we are able to keep the cost of MOHOBOOK affordable.

If you are purchasing MOHOBOOK for the Frontdesk only, it is still necessary to have a domain and web hosting to install and access the application. If you don’t have a domain name yet, they are affordable, as is quality web hosting.

MOHOBOOK supports any one of the following currencies:

British Pound (£) – GBP
Canadian Dollar ($) – CAD
Euro (€) – EUR
US Dollar ($) – USD

Absolutely, we enforce a high level of security on our website, plus we do not store your financial information. All orders are processed over a secure SSL connection.

It takes two clicks to perform an upgrade. There is nothing to download or upload, the entire update process is handled inside your Frontdesk (naturally it is up to you to backup your database first).

All licenses include unlimited use of the application, forever. Your original purchase includes one year email/phone support and one year unlimited upgrades. Optional support and upgrade access can be purchased after the first year at a reduced price (the application will never stop functioning).

Yes, MOHOBOOK offers an optional dual-language booking engine. Also, Phone-in and Walk-in bookings created in the Frontdesk can be emailed to guests in English or a second language of your choice.

Yes, we offer affordable installation and Frontdesk setup services if you want a turn-key solution, please contact us before ordering.

All core application files, including JavaScript and PHP files, are encrypted using proprietary encoding technology in order to protect our intellectual property rights. Excluding HTML, CSS and third-party scripts, MOHOBOOK is not an open source application.

If you would like to purchase use of the entire source code, please get in touch with us.

Not at this time, but you can define which bookings come from OTAs for reporting purposes.

If you have the payment section enabled, then yes. Keep in mind a guest is more likely to honour their reservation if they are asked to enter their credit card when confirming a booking. Otherwise, you can opt to suppress the payment section and no payment information will be collected from your guests.

No, other than the cost of the application, the only other expense you may incur from us is if you wish to transfer MOHOBOOK to a different domain name (free the first time, $49 for subsequent transfers). As far as additional costs from other providers, it will depend on which features you enable but in all likelihood, either none or nominal.

No, we are software developers and do not expect revenue share in your business, after all, it is your business.

No, MOHOBOOK can be integrated with Stripe or Square if you wish to facilitate real-time payments.

If your web host does not support the necessary requirements, but you would still like to proceed, please consider SiteGround, they are a professional provider offering competitive rates.

Transferring your license to a new domain name is free the first time, $49 for subsequent transfers.

A secure download link and unique license key will be sent to you within 24 hours of your order.

In all honestly, it should take no longer than an hour to install and integrate (if you have a basic understanding of website management). Where you’ll spend more time is setting up your room types, rates, availability, extras, etc.

If you have been shopping around, you have likely concluded that many booking systems are rented to you on a monthly basis, take commissions from you, or are very expensive to purchase outright, not to mention overly complex (and sometimes dated). That doesn’t mean MOHOBOOK is a sub-standard product – don’t be fooled by the price, an immense amount of thought and development time has gone into creating a first-class application for small to medium property owners.

The biggest difference between MOHOBOOK and other systems, excluding flexible licensing and zero commissions, is the benefit of unlimited everything.

Yes, MOHOBOOK does not store guest’s credit card information. Plus, you have the unique option of optionally receiving your guest’s credit card information by fax.

Yes, we have created a sample Booking Engine integration, as well as access to the Frontdesk so that you can experience the software before making an investment, please visit the demo page and take it for a test drive.

MOHOBOOK is a feature-rich web-based application and it may or may not have every feature your existing software has. Keep in mind there is a fine line between necessary features, and bloating an application with infrequently used features. It is also important to understand there are many differences between Windows-based and Web-based applications, both from a development standpoint and from a usability standpoint.

For us, it wasn’t about simulating legacy Windows software, rather, it was more important to design a modern web-based application that offers the necessary features plus additional features simply not possible in a Windows environment.

The bigger question should be, do the additional features (such as integrated online bookings) outweigh any missing features that may not be important in the big picture? It is also worth mentioning that MOHOBOOK is under constant development, and if something appears to be missing, it doesn’t mean it won’t be available the next time you click the update button. We encourage you to try the demo and judge for yourself, we think you will be pleasantly surprised.

MOHOBOOK was not designed as a cash register, the goal of the software is to provide property owners with an affordable method of serving the massive online booking market, as well as an intuitive way to manage other reservation types from a single interface.

You can associate one or more payments with a booking via the Frontdesk, or you can opt for real-time booking engine payments via the Stripe integration.

In the current version of MOHOBOOK, you have the option of receiving your guest’s credit card details by fax (which is transparent to the guest), plus you also have the option of real-time credit card processing through our secure integration with Stripe or Square, leading processing companies.

No, in addition to the website booking engine, MOHOBOOK comes complete with a Frontdesk module that lets you manage all of your reservation types (including phone-ins and and walk-ins) through one convenient interface. MOHOBOOK is intended to replace legacy Windows applications (although, you can run both if giving up your Windows solution is too much work).

If you have been shopping for booking software, you’re probably aware some of the solutions available to you are quite expensive. Our way of bringing you a competitive product, at a reasonable price, is to enforce a *per website* licensing model.

You can preface your room types with unique property names, or you can purchase additional domains (and MOHOBOOK licenses) if you require separate instances and reporting.

No, you require a domain name that points to a functional web space, even if nothing exists in this is space other than MOHOBOOK (domain names and web hosting are no longer complex or expensive aspects of a basic online presence).

Although we’re confident you will quickly see the benefits of MOHOBOOK, we don’t want you to make a final decision until you successfully install it. Therefore, if you’re not able to technically perform the installation within the first 7 days, with our assistance (if necessary), we’ll refund your money.

MOHOBOOK was designed to function based on minimum requirements, even in inexpensive shared hosting environments. Please refer to the support page for details.

All licenses include unlimited and lifetime use of the application, your original purchase includes one year email/phone support and one year unlimited upgrades. Optional support and upgrade access can be purchased after the first year at a reduced price (the application will never stop functioning).

You are not required to renew your license, it will function indefinitely, although, you have the option of purchasing affordable annual support and updates after the first year of use.

MOHOBOOK is a PHP application installed on your own website. We do not host, store or rent any part of the application (excluding licensing).