Booking Engine

Give your website visitors access to a full-featured booking engine that seamlessly integrates with your website. With a live connection to the Frontdesk module, your guests can make a reservation without having to email or call you. Giving your guests access to availability 24/7 not only saves both of you time, but can dramatically increase booking activity.


Complete web-based access to bookings, rooms, guests, discounts, taxes, reports and much more via an intuitive, quick loading interface. Handle Phone-in and Walk-in bookings from a single-page reservation screen in literally seconds (watch above video). Access past, current, and future bookings from the dashboard calendar or anywhere in the Frontdesk using the global search field.

100% Unlimited

MOHOBOOK does not impose limits on booking, rooms, guests, revenue and whatever else you may be concerned about. Whether you’re a small B&B or a busy Motel, you’ll never be asked to pay for increased data access. The entire application, including the data resides in your full control. You can delete completed bookings year over year, or you can keep them in tact for historical reporting.

Flexible Licensing

Buy it once, use it forever!

Your license never expires and the first year includes professional email/phone support and unlimited upgrades.

No Commissions

Imagine never paying commissions on your bookings again? That’s what happens when you choose our solution, we don’t expect a penny regardless of how many bookings you take, or how much your revenue is. MOHOBOOK resides in your own hosting space, we have no way of knowing what your sales are unless you show us, and even it that, it doesn’t matter, what’s yours is yours!


Exceptional Support

No impersonal canned answers here, every request we receive is evaluated on an individual basis, and responded to promptly. You can email us at, or use the contact forms on this website. Once you become a customer, you’ll also have direct phone support in fluent English.

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