Campaign Monitor Integration

Integrating with Campaign Monitor allows you to seamlessly add your guest’s email addresses to a powerful email marketing platform.

Here, we’ll explain how to form this integration.


Begin by ordering a Campaign Monitor account (if you’re unsure about your booking volume, you can start with their Basic account).

A) Once your account is created, login and click on the Lists & Subscribers menu item

B) From there click on the “Create a new list” button

C) Next, click on your name in the top/right corner and select Account settings

D) Scroll down and click on the API keys option

E) Copy and paste both values into a new text file and save it to your computer (this information will be required in the next step)


A) Login into the MOHOBOOK Frontdesk

B) Click on Settings ⟶ Mail Settings

C) Scroll down to the “ESP (Email Service Provider)” section and select Campaign Monitor from the dropdown menu

D) Enter the API keys from the above step, and click the “Connect to Campaign Monitor” button

E) Add the Rules you would like to apply to new bookings

F) Save the Settings page

As always, it’s important to run one or two tests (i.e. fake bookings) to ensure the guest’s email is transferred to the Campaign Monitor list.