Everything You Need To Know

  • System Requirements


    • PHP 5.3 or higher (with commonly installed modules and extensions)
    • MySQL 5.0 or higher
    • suPHP or FastCGI (one of these must be enabled prior to installation)
    • Zip Extension (required for one-click upgrades)
    • Reliable Internet Connection
    • Mainstream Web Browser (Chrome 30.0+, Firefox 25.0+, Safari 5.0+)

    Optional (recommended)

    • HTML, PHP, or WordPress website (minimum content width of 900 pixels)
    • SOAP + InterFAX Send Account (required only if you wish to receive credit card information by fax)
    • SSL Certificate (required only if you will be entering or requesting credit card information)
  • Installation Guide

    New Installation

    • Log in to your web hosting control panel and create a new MySQL Database and User (ensure the user has full permissions)
    • Unzip the file you downloaded after placing your order
    • Upload the *mohobook* folder to the root of your website
    • Navigate to the installation wizard located at and follow the on-screen instructions
    • Unless you require information about your PHP Configuration, it is important that you delete *info.php* located inside the /mohobook/admin folder
    • Refer to the Integration Guide to enable the booking engine on your website


    • Backup your database (do not skip this step)
    • Login to the Frontdesk
    • Click on Settings > Update Centre in the main navigation menu and follow the instructions provided
  • Integration Guide

    Booking Engine

    If you installed mohobook in the root of your website, the following code should be inserted into the web page where you want the mohobook booking engine to appear (your page should be a minimum of 900 pixels wide to ensure the software displays correctly). If you installed mohobook in a sub-directory, you will need to modify the paths in the below code to reflect the correct location.

    Note, if you are integrating into a WordPress site, you will require a plug-in that allows you to enter and preserve raw code in the body of a WordPress page, for example, Raw HTML.

    Booking Widget

    The following code is an example of how to create a simple form that is capable of passing dates directly into the booking engine, thus landing your visitor on the room availability page.

    Language Default

    To have the booking engine default to the second language, add the following code directly above the standard embed code shown in the first example above.

    Hidden Rooms

    To have the booking engine hide certain rooms, add the following code directly above the standard embed code shown in the first example above. Replace example room ids shown below with actual room ids, if you are hiding more than one room separate with commas. You can see the room id for any room by opening it in edit mode in the Frontdesk, it is the very last parameter in the URL, for example; r=1

  • Frontdesk Manual

    Available Versions

    Version 4.1.0 (or later) [download]

MOHOBOOK Advantages
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