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MOHOBOOK is 100% web-based but unlike traditional SaaS (software as a service) solutions, you are licensed to install it inside your own hosting environment eliminating the worry of rental fees or someone else's service becoming unavailable. This means you can still enjoy all the benefits of a web-based application such as "anywhere access" without the concern of hardware compatibility that complicates onsite installations. If you can access the Internet, you can effortlessly use MOHOBOOK.

Dual Purpose

MOHOBOOK comes complete with two full-featured applications for one price. The multi-purpose Frontdesk is your solution to offline bookings, room management, upsells, discounts, taxes, surcharges, and much more, while the Booking Engine is your solution to online bookings. Close integration ensures room availability is identical regardless of which application is in use, in fact both applications use a single MySQL database for complete and accurate synchronization. You can use MOHOBOOK strictly to manage offline bookings at your front desk, or strictly online bookings on your website, or as complete solution for all booking types in real time.

Compact Booking Engine

By adding a small snippet of JavaScript code to any page on your website, you're given the nearly immediate benefit of capturing online bookings through a compact, user-friendly, wizard-based booking module. Taking a complex feat like this and making it easy to use and available to small properties is the exact reason we built MOHOBOOK.

Your guests start by choosing their check-in and check-out dates. On the very next screen a list of available rooms will be shown to them along with available Upsells (if enabled) and the option to select occupants. Next they will enter their personal information, and be shown a summary of their reservation. At this point they can back up and modify their selections, or proceed to the payment collection screen. The booking engine is designed with booking retention in mind by walking the guest through short steps versus a long, overwhelming form.

Real-time Availability

Both the Frontdesk module and the Booking Engine are driven by the same underlying data to ensure accurate room availability. Simply speaking, if a room is booked online you won't need to worry about the front desk clerk booking the same room for a phone-in or walk-in guest. If you configure multiple rooms below each room type, the next guest will still have the ability to reserve the same room type, offering you complete inventory flexibility.

Dual Language Bookings

If you serve a bilingual market, you can easily implement an additional language of your choice, giving guests the option to make reservations in their native tongue. The Frontdesk offers a Language tab, listing every English text that appears on the booking engine, with optional fields below to enter the second language equivalent. If this feature is not enabled, then all text visible throughout the booking wizard will default to English, and the language selector will automatically be hidden from view.

Require Payment Info

The payment screen is a unique feature of MOHOBOOK in that it validates for real credit card number formatting, but doesn't actually process the transaction (unless enabled). Instead, the credit card details are optionally faxed to your front desk (behind the scenes), and the guest feels committed to the reservation because they were asked to provide payment information. By not processing credit card transactions, or storing your guest's credit card details electronically, you are not burdened by complex and expensive PCI compliance.

Alternatively, MOHOBOOK integrates with Stripe, a leading processing company for those who wish to facilitate real-time payment transactions.

If you would like to receive your bookings by fax, you are required to have an InterFax account although their rates are extremely affordable (roughly ten cents per booking), and their service is outstanding. If you do not elect to use this optional service, both you and the guest will still receive bookings by email, and your guest will feel equally committed to the reservation.

Optional Payment Screen

For some properties, collecting payment information is not a high priority therefore you can suppress the payment screen entirely. In this case, everything is identical minus a prompt to enter payment details on the final step of the booking wizard. Room availability continues to be accurately synced, and all other features remain available providing a streamlined booking experience.

Availability Calendar

Optionally display an inline availability calendar on the first step of the booking engine giving your guests a bird's eye view of monthly availability. This is a great time saver that will help you capture more bookings when a guest is not confined to specific dates.

Email & Fax Confirmations

Whether it is a phone-in booking, a walk-in booking, or an online booking, the guest and the property administrator both receive an email detailing the reservation headed by a unique reservation number. Along with this information, the property's cancellation policy is stated to ensure the guest is fully aware of potential charges in the event of a no show.

As mentioned earlier, you can also have bookings faxed through if you require complete payment information from your guests. This unique fax option is transparent to your guests and handled programmatically without any extra effort on your part. Simply enter your new InterFAX username and password in the MOHOBOOK Frontdesk, and forget about it.

Powerful Frontdesk

For those who purchase MOHOBOOK to manage phone-in and walk-in bookings, the Frontdesk module is all you need. In fact, some customers will only want to use MOHOBOOK for this reason. The beauty of an all-in-one solution like MOHOBOOK, is that you can use it for just online bookings, or for just phone-in and walk-in bookings, or for both simultaneously.

Although the Frontdesk contains all of the settings that shape the online booking engine, it is also a stand-alone module that can be used to facilitate your property's reservations from a web-based interface. The advantage of being web-based is that you don't have to worry about complex software installations that your office computers might not be compatible with.

If you have an Internet connection, and a modern web browser, you're in business. Another notable advantage of MOHOBOOK is that resides inside your own web hosting environment. This means you are not married to a third-party solution with too much control over your booking environment (and data). You don't need to worry about ongoing rental fees, commissions, or someone going out of business and taking your booking software and guest data down with them. Because the Frontdesk feature set is too much to cover on the feature summary page, we invite you to try the free demo.

Mobile Booking Engine

With a large percentage of Internet traffic shifting to mobile, we have taken great effort to ensure mobile compatibility for your guests. The MOHOBOOK booking engine automatically detects what type of device is requesting access and serves up one of two interfaces to accommodate desktops and laptops, or tablets and smart phones.

Dashboard Statistics

When you login to the Frontdesk, you have the option of seeing general statistics above your daily calendar, these include vacancies, bookings for today including number of rooms, and bookings for tomorrow including number of rooms. You will also have a snapshot of monthly bookings broken down by walk-in, phone-in, and online. This information is intended to quickly give you an overview of current month activity, that aids in snap booking decisions, for example, if you're near the end o the month and sales have been strong you may not be inclined to offer discounts.

Compact Real-time Daily Calendar

When you login to the Frontdesk, the daily calendar loads in a compacted state that displays all booking activity, represented by numbers, on a per day basis for the current month. Alternatively, you can expand the details for each of your room types and see every room attached to the corresponding room type, with reservations organized by colour and guest name.

Further, by hovering over a colour-coded booking you will see an elaborate tooltip with important details for that booking such as the guest's full name, check-in/check-out dates, room information, and amount owing, all without ever leaving the Frontdesk.

Powerful Search

From anywhere inside the Frontdesk you can search by reservation number or guest name. This gives you instant access to bookings and guests, mitigating repetitive navigation to frequently needed data.


Once a booking is entered, the guest can be manually assigned to specific a room based on information they provide upon arriving, for example, you may not want to assign a second floor room to an elderly couple. But the real power of controlled check-ins and check-outs lies in your ability to perform early check-ins knowing the rooms have been cleaned via an automated housekeeping report, or delayed check-outs based on real-time availability.

Manual Bookings On The Fly

Handling phone-in and walk-in bookings is a breeze with the single-page "Add New Booking" screen inside your Frontdesk. This is especially important for guests who want a smooth and quick check-in after a long drive, or who have limited time when phoning in a reservation. Creating the booking and checking them in (assigning a room number) takes less than a minute on average.

Print Bookings

Whether it is a guest arriving for a prearranged booking, or a walk-in guest, you have the option to print their booking (or a receipt) from a number of different screens inside the Frontdesk. The ability to print bookings on demand also gives you the ability to send booking confirmations by fax for guests who don't have access to email.

Block Rooms

Having the ability to block rooms is an integral part of any good booking system, let's say you know that you'll be accommodating a large group on certain dates, you may want to block specific rooms well in advance so that your regular guests have ample warning and alternatives.

Or, you may be renovating a handful of rooms, and you need to prevent accidental bookings while you're under construction.

This feature can also be used hand in hand for long term guests without a definite departure date, especially guests who were staying with you prior to the implementation of your new booking software.

Or, you may have special payment arrangements for a long term guests, and would prefer to treat this scenario outside of the normal booking environment. There are many reasons why a property owner may want to block certain dates.

Sort & Search Table Data

Compiled guest, room, and booking data is presented in tabular format for easy digestion. You can type-and-search on the fly in these powerful data tables to quickly retrieve the information you need, or you can sort by column headings for a different viewpoint of the underlying data.

Guest Management

You have the option of gathering as little or as much data about your guests as you like, for example, you may only require their name and number, or their name and email, or you may want (or be required by law) to collect their full contact information. MOHOBOOK lets use one of two guest entry forms on the "Add New Booking" screen, a short form or a long form.

Additionally, you can keep private notes about your guests that are never shown to them, this will ensure you remember key things about your guests that help enforce a personal touch, as well as remind you of problem guests that you would rather not accommodate.

Room Management

At the heart of every booking system are rooms, room types to be more specific. Creating a room type in MOHOBOOK is extremely easy, intuitive and versatile. You can associate both short and long descriptions, a thumbnail image, the quantity, the default rate (or rack rate), custom rates based on different times of the year, occupant information, and Upsell references such as packages and extras.

You also have the unique ability to create discount types based on minimum length of stay or bookings made in "X" days in advance, all right from the room configuration page. Plus, you can add dynamic content that appears in the body of booking confirmations which is handy when you want to elaborate on specific rooms before your guest arrives.

You can also control which rooms are active and which rooms are hidden from public view (this is handy if you want to take your time writing up the room description, or if you don't want a particular room to be available for reservation).

Room Number Assignment

Every room type dynamically generates the correct number of room number fields based on the quantity you enter, simply enter your room quantity and save. By Assigning room numbers, you can control how and where guests are checked into your property. Plus, you have the ability to change room numbers (i.e. rooms) on the fly. This is handy when a guest checks into a room and finds a problem, or doesn't particularly like the room location.

Rate Calendar

Setting up multiple rates to cover all seasons is a breeze with MOHOBOOK, in fact, you can enter unlimited rates as far into the future as you like. This is particularly important when taking reservations well in advance. Plus each room type has a default fall-back rate, or rack rate, for dates you have not specified custom rates for, this ensures there are never any holes in your room rates.

Additional Occupant Fees

When you first create your room types, you have a number of occupant choices regarding rates, inclusions and associations. For example, Room Type A may include one adult in the basic room rate, with the option of adding up to two more adults at $10 per adult. Or, for Room Type B, you may allow children to stay free. There are countless combinations for each room type you create, therefore it's in your full control to organize and price additional occupants as needed.

Bookings Reports

The various bookings reports will instantly provide important data about your booking volume broken down by room type, then by booking type. A must have to validate your marketing efforts.

Revenue Reports

The various revenue reports will instantly provide important data about your booking revenue broken down by booking type with and without taxes, as well as tax specific reports.

Housekeeping Report

The housekeeping report provides you an organized, printable summary of Guests that are staying at least one more night, Guests that are departing the day the report is generated, Guests that have departed, and Vacant rooms. The housekeeping report is an invaluable tool for your cleaning staff when used properly.

Other Reports

Knowing your booking volume, booking revenue, and tax collected are all very important reports but it doesn't stop there, you can also generate real-time reports for; bookings by creation date, bookings by discount type, bookings by reservation, occupancy rate, guest data, guest payments, cancellation and penalty fees collected, and blocked rooms.

Upsells (Packages & Extras)

Upsells offer you the ability to create unlimited packages and extras, assign them on a per room basis, and have them appear on the booking engine, or inside the Frontdesk for phone-in and walk-in reservations. When booking online, guests can optionally add packages or extras to their booking while the logic automatically calculates the cost based on the booking's length of stay. Upsells appear at the opportune time during a booking, making this a great feature for increasing overall revenue.

Handles Taxes, Surcharges & Discounts

Every property potentially has different obligations when it comes to taxes based on jurisdiction. Each property is different and may elect to incorporate miscellaneous fees, such as parking, on a per booking basis rather than on a per day basis, in addition to regional taxes. Inside MOHOBOOK, you can create as many tax rules and surcharges as necessary for your specific property. You can base them on flat rates such as $10.00 or a percentage of the booking subtotal, such as 13%. And like most features in MOHOBOOK, you can add/edit/delete as many as you like in accordance with applicable rules, or as policies change.

On the flip side, discount codes give you the ability to offer real-time incentives to your guests. You can send out unique codes in your email marketing or traditional advertising, and when a guest advances through the booking engine they will apply the code and the appropriate discount will appear, instantly. Discounts can also be percentage based or flat rate, and are tightly controlled by expiration dates, and again, with no limit to how many you can create.

Data Export

You can export your Bookings table, Guests table, Rooms table, and a number of other tables in CSV or PDF format. This is a handy feature when you want to analyze or print off a summary of specific activity, for example, you may want to print a list of Pending reservations, or the entire Guest list.

Read-Only Frontdesk Users

In addition to administrators with full rights, you can create limited users that are not permitted to save or delete anything inside the Frontdesk. This is helpful if you want a new employee to become familiar with the MOHOBOOK interface but don't want to risk data loss.

Demo Mode

After the installation and integration, you may want a high level view of how the booking engine feels to your guests. When demo mode is enabled you can submit bookings from your new reservations page without any data being recorded in the Frontdesk. Once you're satisfied with the integration, and the wording and design surrounding the booking engine, it's a flip of a switch and you're live.

Show/Hide Features

Toggle features on and off depending on your business policies, for example; control whether or not check-in and check-out times are shown during the booking wizard, or control whether or not the discount field is shown, or whether or not upsells (packages and extras) are shown, or if the inline availability calendar is present on the first step, even hide the payment screen if so desired.

Booking Attachment

Optionally include a PDF document with every reservation email that gets sent to your guests. The uses for this feature are nearly endless, some examples include; a map of your property, rules and regulations, coupons and other promotional messages, places to eat nearby, pool hours, television instructions, and countless other information to prepare and assist your guests before they arrive.

Optional SMTP Mail Delivery

In addition to PHP's default mail module, you can specify your own SMTP server to send booking confirmations through, this is advantageous for high volume customers.

One-Click Upgrades

Gone are the days of complicated upgrades. When a new version is released, you will receive notification inside your Frontdesk. Two clicks and you're on your way to the latest features - quick and easy.

Easy Installation

MOHOBOOK has been designed and written by professional developers, therefore ensuring it could be installed with very little effort was in the forefront of our thinking. The benefits of running software inside your own hosting environment are plentiful, but sometimes to get these benefits, you need to have above average technical knowledge.

In most cases, installing MOHOBOOK can be done by anyone with average computer skills coupled by minimal website knowledge. You can read more about the installation in the Docs section of our website to determine if this is something you can handle yourself.

If you feel at all intimidated by the installation instructions, you have a couple options; if you currently work with a web developer, they will be able to do this relatively easy, or you can have us do it for you, which may be the less expensive option.

Booking Widget

In addition to the booking engine embed code (which is all you require), you are also provided with an optional code sample if you would like to sprinkle small booking forms around your site, or even on a third-party site, such as a travel blog. Once embedded, the user is sent directly to the room availability page in the booking engine without having to re-enter check-in and check-out dates. You can view this in action on the Demo page.

WordPress Integration

MOHOBOOK comes bundled with a free WordPress plugin making it stone simple ti integrate using shortcodes.

Quick Setup

Once MOHOBOOK is installed, it's time to set things up. Unlike the installation that requires average technical skills, anyone with basic computer skills can setup and manage the MOHOBOOK Frontdesk. This is where you will enter your property's contact information, setup your room types, create your taxes and surcharges, determine what payment methods you will accept, choose your country and time zone, set your check-in and check-out times, plus a variety of other "one-time" settings. If you have ever completed a form online, or use common office applications like Microsoft Word, you will find setting up your property equally simple.

Unlimited Everything

Unlike traditional booking systems, you are not burdened with limitations and revenue scales that drive up your monthly usage fees. Instead, MOHOBOOK is licensed on a per website basis. This means once you purchase your license, you are free to generate as many bookings as you possibly can, whether it be online bookings or phone-in and walk-in bookings.

Nor are you restricted by the number of rooms or guests you maintain. Everything is unlimited. This is an important difference between hosted solutions or limited licensing versus owning an unrestricted software license. MOHOBOOK was designed to offer as much freedom as possible based on an upfront, one-time modest cost. We encourage you to compare your options in this space to realize how much of a benefit this truly is.

Plus a whole lot more...

Sleek interface

Integrate with Campaign Monitor

Automated guest email follow-up

Record cancellation fees

Record guest payments

Custom discounts on the fly

View all bookings associated with a single guest

Hide select rooms from availability calendar

Combined occupant pricing

Exclude specific upsells from discounts

Compare booking data to prior periods

Configure currency localization

Suppress email confirmations for offline bookings

Prevent robot submissions with captcha

Global discounts based on visibility or booking period

Active development backed by human support

Send automated booking reminders to guests

And much, much more, please check out the Online Demo

MOHOBOOK Advantages
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