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MOHOBOOK is 100% web-based but unlike traditional SaaS (software as a service) solutions, you are licensed to host it on your own domain, eliminating the cost of rental fees or someone else’s service becoming unavailable.

This means you can still enjoy all the benefits of a web-based application such as “anywhere access” without the concern of hardware compatibility that complicates onsite installations. If you can access the Internet, you can effortlessly use MOHOBOOK.


MOHOBOOK can effortlessly be integrated into a WordPress site, no different than a traditional HTML site. Case in point, the demo on is a functioning example of this; install the application, copy and paste the supplied JavaScript snippet into any WordPress page, and the booking engine will appear.

Features WordPress Integration
Features Versatile Frontdesk


For those who purchase MOHOBOOK to manage phone-in and walk-in bookings, the Admin module is all you need. In fact, some customers will only use MOHOBOOK for this reason. The beauty of an all-in-one solution like MOHOBOOK is that you can use it for just online bookings, or for just phone-in and walk-in bookings, or for both simultaneously.

Although the Admin module contains all of the settings that shape the online booking engine, it is also a stand-alone application that can be used to manage your property’s reservations from a web-based interface. One of many advantages of being web-based is that you don’t have to worry about complex software installations that your office computers might not be compatible with. If you have an Internet connection, and a modern web browser, you’re in business. Another notable advantage of MOHOBOOK is that resides in your own web hosting environment. This means you are not married to a third-party solution with too much control over your booking environment (and data). You don’t need to worry about ongoing rental fees, commissions, or someone going out of business and taking your booking software and guest data down with them.


By adding a small snippet of JavaScript code to any page on your website, you’re given the immediate benefit of capturing online bookings through a compact, intuitive, booking engine. Taking a complex feat like this and making it easy to use and available to small properties is the exact reason we built MOHOBOOK.

Your guests start by choosing their check-in and check-out dates. Immediately, a list of available accommodations will be shown to them with the option to select occupants. Next, if enabled, the guest can choose from a selection of options (i.e. meals, services, whatever upsells you would like to offer). Next they will enter their personal information, and be shown a summary of their reservation. At this point they can modify their selections, or enter their payment information (if enabled), and check out. The booking engine is designed with booking retention in mind and therefore encourage you to try the free demo to see it in action. With a large percentage of Internet traffic shifting to mobile, we have invested significant effort to ensure mobile compatibility for your guests. The MOHOBOOK booking engine automatically detects device screen size and serves up a responsive interface to accommodate desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

Features Modern Booking Engine
Features Realtime Availability


Both the Admin module and the Booking Engine are driven by the same underlying data to ensure accurate room availability. Simply speaking, if a room is booked online you won’t need to worry about the front desk clerk booking the same room for a phone-in or walk-in guest. If you configure multiple rooms below each room type, the next guest will have the ability to reserve the same room type, offering you complete inventory flexibility.


MOHOBOOK integrates with Stripe, Square and Cornerstone, leading processing companies for those who wish to capture real-time payments (flat rate or percentage). For some properties, collecting payment information is not a high priority therefore you can suppress the payment screen entirely.

In this case, everything is identical minus a prompt to enter payment details. Room availability continues to be accurately synced, and all other features remain available providing a streamlined booking experience.

Features Realtime Payments
Features Guest Confirmations


Whether it is a phone-in booking, a walk-in booking, or an online booking, the guest and the property both receive an email detailing the reservation, defined by a unique reservation number. Along with this information, the property’s cancellation policy is stated to ensure the guest is fully aware of potential charges in the event of a cancellation or no show.


Unlike traditional booking systems, you are not burdened with limitations and revenue scales that drive up your monthly usage fees. Instead, MOHOBOOK is licensed on a per website basis. This means you are free to generate as many bookings as you like without being forced to upgrade your license, whether it be online bookings or phone-in and walk-in bookings.

Nor are you restricted by the number of rooms or guests you maintain. Everything is unlimited. This is an important difference between hosted solutions or limited licensing versus owning an unrestricted software license. MOHOBOOK was designed to offer as much freedom as possible based on an upfront, modest cost. We encourage you to compare your options in this space to realize how much of a benefit this truly is.

Features Unlimited Everything
Features Bookings On The Fly


Handling phone-in and walk-in bookings is a breeze with the single-page “Add New Booking” screen inside your Admin module. This is especially important for guests who want a smooth, speedy check-in after a long drive, or who have limited time when phoning in a reservation. Creating the booking and checking them in (assigning a room number) only takes a minute.


Having the ability to block rooms is an integral part of any good booking system. Let’s say you know that you’ll be accommodating a large group on certain dates, you may want to block specific rooms well in advance so that your regular guests have ample warning and alternatives.

Or, you may be renovating one or more rooms and you need to prevent accidental bookings while you’re under construction. This feature can also be used hand in hand for long term guests without a definite departure date, especially guests who were staying with you prior to the implementation of your new booking software. There are many reasons why a property owner may want to block specific rooms.

Features Block Rooms

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