MOHOBOOK Installation

What’s Included?

  • Upload files and configure server permissions
  • Create and prepare database
  • Install MOHOBOOK (includes one administrator account, and one support account)
  • Configure Frontdesk mandatory settings
  • Integrate MOHOBOOK (modify or create one page on your site to facilitate proper integration)
  • Create one secure link anywhere on your website to the booking engine
  • Test installation (create and delete bookings, run reports, etc.)

What’s Not Included?

  • Frontdesk setup (anything related to your specific property, for example; room setup, taxes, discounts, upsells, etc.)
  • Installation of SSL certificate (most web hosts will provide no-charge installation if you purchase their certificate)
  • Modification of other pages on your site
  • Site wide linking to the booking engine

How Much Does It Cost?

This service costs $100 CAD (to perform the installation we’ll require temporary access to your web hosting control panel, installation services are typically provided within 48 hours of purchase)

Website Development

From time to time, we are asked to provide web development services, which in most cases, can accommodate. Unfortunately there are times when we are deeply involved in a new MOHOBOOK release, or simply have enough development work on the horizon.

We only take on one or two development clients at any one time to ensure the highest level of professional service while simultaneously remaining focused on MOHOBOOK development and support.

If you’re strictly price shopping, we may not be the least expensive option for you. We don’t say that to discourage you, rather, we pride ourselves on modern, search engine friendly, web development that takes more time and effort than various low-cost options available to you elsewhere.

At this time we only provide development services to MOHOBOOK customers, please let us know if you require assistance and we’ll be happy to speak with you over the phone regarding availability and costs.

Custom Programming

Whether you want to stand out from the competition with unique features on your website, or you would like additional functionality inside MOHOBOOK, we offer high quality, complex programming.

Equally important, we’ll explore and discuss your needs and desires in simple language without a whole lot of technical babble that muddies the waters, and when we have defined the project scope together, you’ll be given a firm quotation without concern of runaway costly development.

Online Marketing

From time to time, we are also asked to provide marketing assistance. In most cases, we will contract ourselves out only if you’re committed to long-term marketing strategies. We avoid short-term thinking when it pertains to online marketing because the results will be equally short lived. It takes time for an advertising campaign to fully mature and prove effective, profitable and sustainable.

If you’re interested in having us develop a website, or implement a long-term marketing strategy, please get in touch and we’ll let you know right away if we’re able to help you achieve your goals.

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