Version 5.0.0 – Current

Important notice if you are running LESS THAN Version 4.6.0

Automatic upgrades are NOT available from versions prior to 4.6.0, please contact us for assistance

If you are running 4.6.0, please continue reading BEFORE upgrading

  1. Backup your database twice, once through the application, once manually
  2. Export a variety of Reports (for post-upgrade comparison)
  3. Make a note of any changes you have made to the Settings > Language fields (these fields will be completely replaced with new fields that contain generic values)
  4. Make a note of Occupant Settings below each room (all occupant settings will be removed during the upgrade process and will need to be recreated)
  5. Prepare large, optimized images for all Rooms and all Extras (refer to Step 7 for specific dimensions)
  6. Prepare your Logo (optional, refer to Step 7 for specific dimensions)
  7. Read the entire new user manual to ensure you are prepared to configure the many new features in Version 5.0.0 (including new privacy controls)
  8. Perform the upgrade (ensure Step 1 was executed successfully)
  9. Clear your browser cache and test general functionality thoroughly
  10. Run the same Reports you did in Step 2 to ensure they match pre-upgrade Reports

Optional Upgrade Service

If you do not feel comfortable performing the above steps, please contact us

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