Square Integration

We’re pleased to announce the integration to Square, an extremely popular and secure payment processor.

In order to use Square with MOHOBOOK, please follow these instructions

  • Ensure SSL is active on the booking page
  • Log in to your Square account
  • Click on Apps in the left column
  • Click on the Developer Dashboard button
  • Click on New Application
  • Enter MOHOBOOK for the application name
  • Click the Create Application button
  • Once the App is created, click on the View Details link
  • Ensure the Sandbox Settings toggle is selected in the left column
  • Find and copy your Application ID
  • Find and copy your Personal Access Token
  • Click on Locations in the left column
  • Find and copy your Location ID
  • Log in to the MOHOBOOK Frontdesk
  • Click on the Settings ⟶ Payments menu option
  • Select your Currency (it must match your Square currency)
  • Select the credit cards you wish to Accept (online)
  • Select Square from the Payment Processor dropdown
  • Select the Test radio button
  • Enter your (sandbox) Square credentials
  • Select the deposit method from the Type dropdown
  • Enter a deposit amount
  • Choose how you wish to handle card on file (read the manual for details)
  • Save these settings
  • Create a booking on your website via the booking engine (not in the Frontdesk)
  • If everything was successful, go back to your Square account and retrieve the Production Settings credentials
  • Return to the MOHOBOOK Frontdesk (Settings ⟶ Payments tab)
  • Select the Live radio button
  • Enter your (live) Square credentials
  • Save these settings

Important Notice: Your Square credentials are sensitive data, keep them private at all times