Stripe Integration

Processing deposits and payments in real time ensures your guests are committed to their reservation in accordance with your cancellation policy.

Our Stripe integration allows you do this.

First, you will need to open a free Stripe account, from there we’ll demonstrate how to form the integration below.


A) Login to your new Stripe account

B) In the sidebar, click on Developers > API keys

C) In the sidebar, click on View test data

D) Copy and paste both values into a new text file and save it to your computer (this information will be required in the next step)


A) Login into the MOHOBOOK Frontdesk

B) Click on Settings ⟶ Payments

C) Scroll down to the “Payment Processor” section and select Stripe from the dropdown menu

D) Enter the API keys from the above step, into the Test fields

E) Select the Type and Amount you want charge during an online booking (keeping in mind this feature only works with Booking Engine bookings, not Frontdesk bookings)

F) Click the Test Connection button

G) If you receive a success message, save the Settings page

As always, it’s important to run one or two tests (i.e. fake bookings) to ensure the payments are being processed (in test mode), this can be verified by logging into your Stripe and reviewing test data.


A) If everything was successful, go back to Stripe and obtain the live API keys

B) Go back to MOHOBOOK, to the same section, switch the mode to Live and enter the appropriate keys