Version 2.6.3 – Reports Framework

Today marks an important milestone for MOHOBOOK.

In version 2.6.3 we have implemented the framework to facilitate future reporting, namely, the ability to run financial and bookings reports for both current and prior periods.

Each time you create, modify, or delete key information related to bookings, an entry will be made in a new action log. With a history of changes available to us, we can now reproduce bookings, on the fly, to reflect their original state.

For example, let’s say a booking entered the system on January 1, 2015 for Room ABC at the nightly rate of $99.00. On February 15, you increase the rate for Room ABC to $119.00, and March 31, 2015 you generate a Revenue Report for the month of January.

With access to every change that has occurred, we know that although the current room rate is $119.00 the booking entered the system when it was $99.00, therefore $99.00 will be used when building a Revenue Report.

But this methodology takes us beyond just room rate data, we can actually rebuild all aspects of a booking including; room descriptions, taxes, surcharges, discounts, extra descriptions and rates to mention a few.

Inevitably, to benefit from this, tracking and recording cannot occur until you have upgraded – the sooner you upgrade, the farther back you will be able to generate accurate reports.

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