Version 2.6.9 – Combined Occupants, Credit Card Inputs & More

Today we’re announcing a small collection of new features that arrive on the heels of a major upgrade released just a few days ago.

Combined Occupants: You can now define the maximum number of occupants permissible in a room type. This means the calculation of allowable adults plus allowable children cannot exceed the new Max People setting shown on the Room edit screen, below the Occupants tab. This will prevent prior scenarios for too many people, per room, when a property has strict maximum occupant rules.

UPDATE: Maximum occupants have been simplified in the latest version

Minimum Night Rule: You can now define a minimum number of nights your guests must book for when using the Booking Engine. This new setting does not affect Frontdesk bookings for the obvious reason property owners should have the flexibility of creating bookings for any length of time. The setting is shown in the Settings section below the Miscellaneous tab, and has a default value 1 Night. When you increase this value, the booking engine calendar will enforce corresponding selection.

UPDATE: Minimum night rules are now configurable on a per room type basis

Credit Card Field Input On Add New Booking Page: When creating reservations in the Frontdesk you will notice a new set of fields below the Payment Method selector. These fields offer the ability to enter a guest’s credit card details and subsequently have them faxed to you based on the same logic used in the Booking Engine. The fields will become enabled if you select a credit card from the payment type selector, and if you are using a secure connection to access the Frontdesk (https://).

Quicker Check In Frontdesk: When you save a new booking in the Frontdesk, one of the buttons that appear after the save action is labelled Check-in Guest. Clicking this button will direct you to the Check-in page with the room number assignment window opened, and preloaded with the correct booking.

Dashboard Calendar Expanded By Default Option: In the Settings section, below the Miscellaneous tab, you will find a new setting that allows you to define the default state of the Daily Bookings calendar, your options are Expanded or Collapsed. If you do not have an overly long list of Room Types, it may be more convenient to use the Expanded option.

Ability To Control First Step Booking Engine Height: In rare cases, the popup calendars shown on Step 1 of the Booking Engine may fly out in a direction that causes them to be partially hidden by the MOHOBOOK iframe. If this happens, you can adjust the iframe height for the initial presentation of the booking engine. This setting can be found in the Setting section below the Integration tab.

UPDATE: This feature has been eliminated due to a new and improved booking engine design

These along with other minor technical and interface adjustments represent Version 2.6.9, and naturally the sooner you install new versions, the sooner you will benefit from new functionality. But it’s not always about shiny new features, sometimes we have addressed minor glitches that may or may not be affecting you, as well as increased security measures.

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