Version 2.8.8 – Availability Calendar & Bookings Reports

We have added some exciting features to MOHOBOOK in this round. First up is the Availability Calendar giving you the ability to display an inline, compact calendar on the first step of the booking engine. This means your guests can quickly see, by month, which room types are available for the next 24 months in real time. This alleviates querying multiple dates hoping the search returns open dates. The second big feature in this version is the first round of reporting with the launch of the Bookings Reports. You can now quickly generate booking activity for any period, plus compare to prior periods for a high level view of weekly, monthly and yearly bookings.

UPDATE: The Availability Calendar has been completely rewritten, it now appears in a popup window, plus it can be embeded on any page in your site

Availability Calendar: You can control which room types are visible in the new calendar on the room edit page, plus you can hide or show the entire availability calendar via the Settings – Miscellaneous page (this feature is disabled by default)

Bookings Reports: There is a new menu item called Reports which contains two new reports; Bookings and Bookings (Comparison). At the top of each report are various settings that let you control which bookings are included in the report (the default settings will generate a report based on the check-out date for completed bookings)

Later this month we will be releasing the next round of reports including booking revenue and taxes.

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