Version 3.2.8 – Fixed Discounts, Currency Localization & General Enhancements

In this release we are introducing Fixed Discounts, Currency Localization, enhancements to a number of existing features, plus some minor bug fixes.

Let’s begin with Fixed Discounts, a highly requested feature. You now have the ability to create a new type of discount with name associations, for example, you may want to create a discount called AAA/CAA for guests who belong to automobile associations. These new discounts will appear along side the traditional coupon code style discounts offering well rounded discount capabilities.

For international customers you will be happy to know that we have finally completed currency localization. You now have full control of currency position, currency symbol, thousand separator, decimal separator, and number of decimals.

UPDATE: Currency localization has been simplified to automatically choose currency position, currency symbol, thousand separator, decimal separator, and number of decimals

Enhancements include:

  • Enhanced rate calendar functionality – you can select which days of the week your custom rate applies to, for example, if you wanted to add a special rate for just weekends for the entire year, you can do this in a single step now, plus we have added the ability to edit custom rates (prior to this release you were forced to delete custom rates and start over)
  • Added availability calendar positioning – you can choose to position the booking rate calendar (if you have it enabled) above or below the check-in and check-out date fields (update: the rate calendar now appears in a popup window)
  • Added ability to hide completed bookings – you can now opt to have completed bookings hidden from the View Bookings screen (update: there are now separate screens for active and pending bookings, completed bookings, cancelled bookings)
  • Added ability to prevent faxing for phone-in and walk-in bookings – you can disable faxing when creating phone-in and walk-in bookings in the Frontdesk (applies to credit card payment methods only)
  • Added interfax communication test – for those having difficulties with the initial InterFAX connection you can now perform a real-time test on the Settings > Payments page

Bug fixes include:

  • There were times when the complete credit card number was not appearing on the fax transmissions, this has been fixed
  • There were times when the booking engine total on the confirmation screen did not match the true invoice total, this has been fixed
  • There was code spillover on the booking engine mobile interface, this has been fixed
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