Version 3.6.4 – New Reports + New Manual + More

There have been a number of new features since the last announcement, plus there is a brand new Frontdesk manual designed in an easier to read format (PDF)

In this release we are introducing two reports and upgraded conversion tracking:

  • upgraded conversion tracking (better communication with Google AdWords & Facebook)
  • added report to view bookings by creation date
  • added report to view bookings by discount code

Since the last announcement for Version 3.2.8, you may have missed the following upgrades and fixes, we strongly encourage you to read the new manual to fully take advantage of new features:

  • fixed bug that would allow simultaneous bookings to exceed availability
  • added discount type for advanced bookings
  • added discount type of guaranteed bookings
  • fixed bug that generated an error when saving a booking with a payment value
  • fixed bug that affected payment methods from appearing on invoices
  • fixed bug that failed to load guest into frontdesk selector on add new booking page
  • added optional captcha on booking engine submission pages (update: this has been replaced with an alternate spam detection system that doesn’t require configuration)
  • added ability to preset dual language selector (update: this has been deprecated)
  • improved frontdesk occupant rules that prevents excess quantities
  • added ability to email receipts from frontdesk
  • added conversion tracking capabilities for paid advertising (update: this has been improved)
  • fixed bug that affected table sorting by date
  • fixed bug that affected room availability when checkin/checkout times are disabled
  • fixed bug that prevented deletion of certain discounts, taxes and surcharges
  • fixed missing subtotal on invoices (intermittent)
  • fixed missing guest info on invoices (intermittent)
  • fixed incorrect booking total on add new booking page (when extra occupants were selected)
  • modified upsells (no longer forces package/extra for each day of a booking) (update: Upsells are now Extras)
  • added combined occupants
  • added optional room/upsell comments to invoices (update: Upsells are now Extras)
  • fixed the issue where certain php configurations call classes in the wrong order
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