Version 3.7.2 – Date Controlled Discounts, Revised Room Blocking, PCI Outbound Faxing

The following items are included in the latest release of MOHOBOOK, we strongly advised that you review the new manual to learn how to use them:

  • added connectivity to interfax outbound pci api
  • depreciated block dates feature
  • added block room feature
  • depreciated default room rate bulk editor
  • added custom discounts to Bookings by Discount report
  • added booking type to Bookings by Creation Date and Bookings by Discount reports
  • added ability to define date ranges for global discounts
  • suppressed additional payment information in emails
  • depreciated view booking option
  • added new method to view/print bookings and receipts
  • fixed bug on record payment page that affected negative balances
  • minor interface changes
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