Version 3.8.4 – Performance Enhancements

The following items are included in the latest release of MOHOBOOK, we strongly advised that you review the manual to learn how to use them:

  • numerous performance enhancements
  • ability to exclude upsells from discounts (note: Upsells are now Extras)
  • ability to control minimum stay by multiple date ranges

To achieve the performance enhancements, a number of low level database modifications and code restructuring were required, this will cause your update to take longer than the regular few seconds, it could take up to a few minutes depending on the size of your data.

It is VERY important that you do not interrupt the upgrade process. And more so now than ever, it is imperative that you backup your database prior to executing the upgrade.

To begin the upgrade, click on Update Centre below the Settings menu, click the Check For Updates button, and then continue as directed.

IMPORTANT: If you were using the Minimum Stay feature located on Settings > Miscellaneous, your old setting has been removed to ensure the integrity of the replacement feature, which is now located on the bottom of the same tab.

UPDATE: Minimum stays are now controlled on the room edit page

Regarding the new version of this feature, you can now define minimum stay for various times of the year, but of importantance is the Policy selection; Flexible means in the event a guest books across two different rules (i.e. two different date ranges that you create), they will be governed by the date range with the least number of minimum nights, whereas, the Strict policy means the exact opposite.

Regarding the other new feature – the ability to exclude Upsells from discounts (defined on the Settings > Discounts tab), you simply need to check the checkbox on the Upsell Add or Edit screen and Save or Update the Upsell.

Update: Upsells are now Extras

The new features will be explained in the manual within the next 72 hours.

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