Version 4.1.0 – New Interface, Campaign Monitor Integration, New Booking Type

The most requested feature we get is the ability to see the entire month on the Frontdesk Dashboard, versus having to scroll horizontally. To make this possible we needed to eliminate the sidebar navigation and implement top navigation. Because doing this involved low level changes to the design structure, we felt it was an opportunity to modernize the entire interface with lighter colours, smoother actions, and an overall less obtrusive design that is pleasing to the eye.

As part of this release we have replaced the internal mailer with integration to Campaign Monitor, a highly respected Email Service Provider with incredibly affordable services and unprecedented deliverability.

We have also added a new booking type called OTA (Online Travel Agency) so that you can properly keep track of external bookings. This means if you receive bookings from sites like or Expedia and manually enter them in your MOHOBOOK Frontdesk, you can identify these bookings as OTA for the purpose of future reporting.

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