Version 5.0.0 Frontdesk Changes & Additions

Following is a detailed list of Frontdesk changes for the upcoming release of Version 5.0.0, a future post will cover the exciting list of changes to the upcoming, completely rewritten Booking Engine.

If you are not using the latest version of MOHOBOOK, we encourage you to upgrade to now, upgrading to 5.0.0 or later will only be possible from 4.6.0

If you will be upgrading to 5.0.0 yourself (versus with professional assistance), please study the new Language fields carefully, certain changes to these values will likely be required. Also, because the occupant routines have been completely rewritten, you will need to reset each room’s occupant assignment, ensure you make a note of these prior to upgrading, along with any language values you have modified in your current version.

Bugs & General Improvements

  • Fixed trailing zero bug on various payment fields
  • Fixed incorrect popup window dimensions
  • Improved compatibility with PHP 7+
  • Expanded licensing logic to support new purchase options
  • Code refactoring

Navigation & Footer Menus

  • Upsells has been rebranded as Extras
  • Link to the updated user manual

Dashboard Calendar

  • Completed bookings are now indicated with diagonal shading

Add New Booking Screen

  • Selectively choose whether or not the guest will be subscribed to your newsletter
  • View balance owing versus booking total, in multiple places
  • Cardholder Name is no longer required (the guest name is referenced automatically)

View Bookings Screens

  • The ability to forward active, pending, completed and cancelled bookings to a different email address

View Guests & Guest Edit Screens

  • One-click guest export (name, address, contact info, private comments, stored ip addresses, date-stamped consents, bookings)
  • Bookings tab now includes Total and Balance
  • Read-only Security tab

Room Edit Screen

  • Supports larger room image
  • Ability to remove room image (dynamic image placeholder when no image supplied)
  • Rebuilt (and simplified) Occupants control
  • Streamlined Extras tab (packages and extras have been united as extras)

Extras (Formerly Upsells)

  • Packages and Extras have been united as Extras (automatic reassignment will occur during upgrade)
  • Now supports image representation
  • Ability to remove extra image (dynamic image placeholder when no image supplied)

Settings → Property Info

  • Ability to add and remove company logo on automated email confirmations
  • Full size Booking Engine splash image
  • Ability to add Google map link on automated email confirmations

Settings → Payments

  • Define offline deposit amount (flat rate or percentage)

Settings → Blackout

  • Streamlined page layout

Settings → Language

  • Rebuilt language system
  • Added new shortcodes (hotel_name, reservation_number, booking_meta, credit_cards)
  • Redesigned page layout
  • HTML support

Settings → Mail Settings

  • Ability to define newsletter subscription mode (with automatic consent checkbox)
  • Ability to test Campaign Monitor connection
  • Improved ESP rule management

Settings → Integration

  • Toggle between Standard Booking mode, Request Booking mode, and Demo Booking mode
  • Updated Booking Engine embed code
  • New Availability Calendar embed code (display an availability calendar anywhere on your site)
  • Deprecated Booking Engine styles
  • Replaced Conversion Tracking with user-defined Thankyou Page (supports all third-party tracking code and pixels)
  • Improved Booking Engine tracking

Settings → Miscellaneous

  • Toggle Booking Engine Blackout alert
  • Toggle Booking Engine Minimum Stay alert
  • Optionally capture guest’s IP Address
  • Toggle Booking Engine Cancellation Policy consent checkbox
  • Toggle Booking Engine Terms/Privacy consent checkbox
  • Deprecated Captcha (replaced with hidden anti-spam measures)