Version 6.0.0 is Live

On August 31, 2022 we officially retired MOHOBOOK’s original code base (excluding critical updates for a limited time), and today, February 17, 2023, we officially launched Version 6.0.0, a complete rewrite of the application.

Although the original code base has been retired, it will continue to function under your existing license and you are welcome to use it indefinitely with the understanding upgrades have come to an end and therefore encourage any customers using 5.8.0 or early to start planning their migration.

Unfortunately, there is no upgrade path from 5.8.0 to 6.0.0 given the vast difference in application architecture, and the use of new technologies.

This means you will need to install Version 6.0.0 in a separate location and recreate your rooms, extras, discounts, taxes, etc., and although this may demand an hour or two of your time, the performance and feature improvements are abundant and well worth the effort.

You can also recreate your active and pending bookings in Version 6+ to ensure your new booking environment is up to date. You can also reference Version 5+ for historical data as long as you wish, understanding at some point your hosting provider may upgrade PHP beyond compatibility – MOHOBOOK is compatible up to PHP 7.4.33.

To help make this a smooth transition, we are offering all customers with an active support agreement a second license free of charge. This means you can run both code bases simultaneously and therefore access historical data for as long as you like.

Plus, if you would like to transition to Version 6.0.0, we are happy to configure your hosting environment to support dual installations, please contact us for assistance.

If you don’t have an active support agreement and you want to claim your free license and free services, you can renew your license here.

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